A broad range suitable for most applications. Competitive pricing and quality.

Mulches not only look good but have a number of important benefits for the garden. They also:

  • hold moisture in the soil, reducing the need for watering
  • protect the roots of plants from harsh winter and summer weather
  • inhibit weed germination by blocking their light
  • provide longer term nutrient to the soil as they break down naturally

Pine Chip

A cheaper altertnative to barks. It starts as a golden yellow and ages to grey.

Sugar Cane

Made by turning the unwanted parts of sugar cane into a valuable garden mulch. ( Penrose only)

Red Pine Chip

Same as the pine chip but enhanced with environmentally safe coloured red dye.

Mulch and Feed

A blend that provides the soil protection of mulch whilst boosting nutrient content.

Screened Pine Bark

Similar to chunky but a finer product that gives a denser cover which better inhibits weeds.

Leaf Litter

A mix that is like the leaf litter in a forest. Made from a diversity of species that has been chipped. Gardens love it.

Euci Mulch

A finer mulch that breaks down quickly to enrich the soil. A spectacular enhancement to any garden or path.