Soil and Compost Mixes

A range of products blended on site using local materials.

Premium Soil Blend

A general purpose soil mix for landscaping and gardens. Enriched with manures it suits vegetables, flowers, some Australian natives &most exotics.

Cow Manure

A high quality composted manure screened to a fine texture.  A great “cool” soil booster ideal for gardens.

Budget Garden Blend

A general purpose, all around soil mix suited to non-productive exotics and Australian native plants that promotes growth &  won’t cost you the earth.

Mulch and Feed

A 50/50 Blend of Mushroom Compost and Leaf Litter. Ideal for mulching garden beds, fruit trees and trees in general.

Mushroom Compost

A blend of recycled organic ingredients which
can be used for: mulch, soil conditioner, or potting mix additive.

Turf Underlay

This mix is formulated to provide both nutrients and a stable foundation for laying turf ensuring maximum growth.

Special Mixes Also Available…

Native Mix, Azalea Mix, PLUS we can provide special mixes that are customised to your needs. Contact us for more information!